Anaheim, CA - Women's Fashion & Clothing Boutique

Dainty Hooligan Boutique in Anaheim, CA will over exceed your fashion craving. Dainty Hooligan in Anaheim is our newest showroom location, and is quickly becoming a favored fashion boutique and clothing shop in Orange County. Our showroom and large warehouse is packed full of unique, eclectic, feminine clothing and accessories, so you are sure to find just the thing to bring out the true fashionista in you. Every customer that shops Dainty Hooligan knows to expect to find the perfect outfit for any fashion occasion. Our showroom staff offers the most personal customer service, helping you locate just the right items for you. Dainty Hooligan is sure to be your #1 spot to find your perfect outfits & dresses.


1440 S State College Blvd - Suite 5G
Anaheim CA 92806
(714) 767-4080
Monday – Friday 10:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED


Directions: We are located right off the 5, 22 & 57 fwys., just down the street from Angel Stadium.
Dainty Hooligan will be your new favorite Anaheim, CA Boutique Shop!