5 Ways To Wear Your Hair In A Braid

January 30, 2015

The best part about braiding our hair is that it doesn't have to look perfect. It can be messy, creative, and we can even twist one together without a mirror (we love when we can do our hair like that).

Instead of pinning tons of gorgeous images of hairstyles & braids, we encourage you to actually try one this week! Yes, try one! The Dainty Hooligan Team found inspiration in the following braid weaving tutorials, and we certainly hope that you find some, too!

1) Crown

This tutorial shows you how to create your very own crown...with a braid! This look is perfect to wear to an elegant occasion. 

2) Waterfall 

This waterfall braid may look complicated but it's actually not so difficult to pursue. Check it out.

3) Fishtail

If you spend your fair share of time on pinterest, this braid is no stranger to you. The fishtail is definitely one of our favorite braid styles to wear...

4) Five Strand

Who said you only needed three strands to braid your hair?

5) Lace

This lace braid is cute, simple, and perfect for casual events. 

Let us know which braid style you like best in the comments!

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