5 DIY Tights To Try!

January 12, 2015

When the temperatures permit, we love to wear our tights! They give us a break from that jeans routine we get so used to...

Of course, getting creative with how we wear our tights is where all the fun begins. So, we’ve browsed the web for some of the coolest diy tights to try! Remember that getting creative and adding a personal touch always adds style to your fashion!

Here are 5 DIY tights from around the web that we absolutely need to try: 

1) Pattern

A simple pattern or design can really make a difference. This diy tutorial has a golden pattern that stands out nicely against the blue.

2) Heart

These diy tights are extra love-ly! Perfect for any quirky fashionista. (They would make such a cute gift, too!)

3) Stamp

Yes, YOU CAN ACTUALLY STAMP your tights with fabric paint! The creative doors have just opened for many of you...

4) Polka Dot

We can’t have a blog post about tights and not feature polka dots! It just wouldn’t be right…

5) Lace

With a simple stitch, these diy tights are for you extra crafty ones out there. ;)

Have you ever tried any of these diy tights? Which one would you most likely try to recreate? Let us know!

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