5 Ways To Add A Bow To Your Look!

January 05, 2015

If you’re a devoted Dainty Hooligan fan, you know that we love our bows on shoes...dresses...tops...well, you get the picture…

This time, however, we've rounded up 5 ways you can add a bow to your look - all the way from your fashion up to your hair! Go subtle with earrings or make a statement with a hair bow, it’s totally up to you! No restrictions!

So, without further delay, here are five of our favorite ways to add a bow to your outfit or look:

1) Hair Bow

This new trend is everywhere. Of course, we can't help but gawk at how adorable it is. Best of all, this hair bow is actually easier to do than you think!

2) Nail Bows

Not only do these nails have bows on them...but they're POLKA DOT BOWS! OK, cuteness overload here.

3) Dress Bows

Sometimes one bow just isn't enough. Our Double Bow Back Dress is strictly reserved for all of you bow enthusiasts out there! ;)

4) Makeup

This one is extra creative! This tiny eyeliner bow embellishment certainly won't go unnoticed.

5) Accessories

Finally, you can complete your look with the perfect bow accessory, like our very own Gold Crystal Bow Tie Earrings

Which one of these is your favorite bow look? Have you tried any of these 

before? We want to know, so be sure to leave a comment below! :)

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