5 Ways To Add Glitter To Your Look!

February 11, 2015

Who doesn't love glitter? 

At Dainty Hooligan, we're all for that sparkle and shine. Whether you wear it in your hair or on your nails, glitter can be so much fun to work with. (Plus, there are so many ways to get creative with it.)

Today we want to share some of our favorite glitter finds with all of you! So, without further delay, here are 5 fabulous ways to add glitter to your look:

1) Eyeliner

We love how the gold glitter line accents the eye. Gorgeous!

2) Headband

Too cute to handle. This DIY glitter headband is one we've got to try!

3) Nails

This is one of many ways you can add glitter to your nails.

4) Hair

If you're feeling bold, try adding some shimmer to your hair!

5) Shoes

Or decorate your shoes with as much glitter as you like!

With glitter, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to let us know your favorite way to rock glitter in the comments! :)

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