Creative Ways To Wear Bobby Pins

December 29, 2014

Bobby pins.

These are two very familiar words to us ladies. We buy them, wear them, share them, lose them, find them, and then wear them again. It’s an endless cycle but a necessity when we need that extra hair support.

But now it’s time to start thinking outside of that bobby pin box to find more creative ways to wear bobby pins. That’s right, ladies, you no longer have to find that shade that will blend in perfectly with your hair because what was once made for blending is now being displayed as a statement piece!

Cosmo magazine released an article titled, “20 Life Changing Ways To Use Bobby Pins,” and we want to share some of our favorites from the article with you! 

1) The #Hashtag

Simple and fun, this look would take you less than a minute to achieve!

2)      The Triangle

Get creative with this one and try a variety of different shapes.

3)   The Ombre Chevron

We would have never thought to try this! Time to go buy some colorful bobby pins.

4)   The Cross Pin

This could be one of many different looks you could try and even creatively think of on your own.

5)   The Twisty Braid

Add a touch of color while also keeping your hair in place. 

What do you think of this inventive trend? Can you think of even more creative ways to wear bobby pins? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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