DIY Makeup Bags & Pouches

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Alright ladies, let's be real. Our purses carry around a lot of our necessities. OK, and some non necessities, too...

From chapstick, nail polish, & makeup to a whole world of other things, we are usually quite prepared for just about anything (as long as we can find what we need in there).

We've browsed the web from some of the cutest do it yourself makeup bags and pouches to help us stay organized. So, whether you're traveling, sleeping over, or just being prepared; these bags will definitely make your life a lot easier!

1) Pineapple


This zip up purse would make the perfect nail polish holder (as featured). The best part is that this tutorial shows you how to make pineapple prints and watermelon prints, too!

2) I'm So Fancy


This bag is so fancy, you already know...

3) Gem

These gem pouches would make such cute gifts. Fill them up with goodies and they're sure to be reused!


DIY is rad. That's why we created this post! Check out this tutorial to make your very own pouch + tote bag.

5) Lips

Definitely one of our favorites! These lips are vibrant and adorable. Talk about the perfect lipstick holder...

Which of these diy projects is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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