How to Organize Your Closet for Spring

April 21, 2015

If you’re anything like us, closet organization is a constant work in progress. We think an organized closet is the foundation for looking and feeling good every day. What use are your fantastic new jeans if you can’t find them when you’re getting dressed in the morning? You deserve better than a messy closet – and so does your wardrobe.

If you’re ready to take control of your closet space, consider these tips:








1. Purge First

Get rid of your old clothes! You’ll never be organized if your closet is stuffed with clothing from the turn of the century. If it’s damaged beyond repair, let it go. If you would spend more money than it’s worth to fix it, let it go.

Purge Closet - Empty Clothes HangersDon’t beat yourself up over clothes that don’t fit you anymore. If you toss it to the floor in shame and frustration, it’s time to part ways. Keep the clothes that make you feel good about yourself right now. If you’re using old clothing as motivation to lose weight, keep only one or two things. A closet full of clothes that are too small will do nothing positive for you.

Make a donate pile, and rest assured knowing that your old clothes will find their way into someone’s hands who will get more wear out of them. If you’re having trouble parting ways for sentimental reasons, store the items away and out of view. The items you see in your closet on a daily basis should be items that you can currently wear.

2. Invest in Storage Solutions

Closet StorageA closet without organization is a closet with nothing more than a rod and hangers. Add some depth to your closet by adding shelves, bins and baskets. It’s important to be able to see your clothing in your closet, otherwise you’ll forget what you have or miss out on wearing something because you can’t find it.

3. Follow the Rules

We aren’t big on rules, but there are some that should be followed. And the universal rules to follow for closet organization are worth considering. Listen up!

Dresses — Whatever you do, don’t leave your dresses in the dry cleaning bags because it can damage the fibers. Organize your dresses in a way that works for you, either by color or length.

Shoes — We recommend organizing your shoes by style. Heels go together, flats go together, and so on. As you position them in your closet, put one facing toe out and one facing heel out. This way, you’ll be able to easily grab the pair you want. 

Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry — Jewelry should be kept well-organized, preferably in a jewelry drawer or jewelry stand.

Sweaters — Fold them so they don’t lose their shape. Use cedar if you’re storing them for longer than 6 months.

Tops — Hang everything you can. It’s okay to fold and stack t-shirts and sweaters of course, but hang everything else. It will keep them in good shape and within view!

Pants and skirts — Hang your pants and skirts, so they keep nicely and you can find them easily. What you do with your jeans, however, is a matter of choice. Hang them or fold them, and organize them by style or color.

Remember, your closet is the foundation for the way you look every day. Give it some love, and you’ll be loved in return as you feel great starting each day facing an organized closet space.

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