5 Stylish Coverups to Wear Over Your Swimsuit

June 30, 2015

Every beach-lover knows it’s not always possible to find a changing room when you’re ready to leave, and what better way to make a summery fashion statement than with a swimsuit coverup? For many women, swimsuit coverups traditionally meant a t-shirt and shorts. Luckily, swimsuit cover-ups have evolved and transitioned into a hot fashion item that helps you look stylish on the beach and off.

Here’s a list of the top 5 most popular swimsuit cover-up styles you’ll see this summer:

1. Wraparound Skirt

Maybe you don’t need to cover everything up, but you want a comfortable, flowing skirt to wear with your swimsuit. A sarong, pareo or other wraparound skirt provides the coverage and comfort you need. It’s simple to put on: just wrap it around your hips, tie it and you’re ready to go. Wraparound skirts also come in a wide range of lengths, prints and colors.

2. Tunic

Skirts cover up the lower half of your body, while tunics cover the top half. These oversized shirts slip on easily when you’re done in the water, not only providing a stylish, comfortable way to get dry but also providing additional protection from the sun. You can wear tunics alone, or pair them with denim shorts or a skirt if you’re heading to a party after you’re done at the beach.

3. Kimono

Some swimsuit cover-up styles are easier to slip on than others, but few things are easier than a kimono. It’s the perfect swimsuit cover-up if you want to dress quickly while remaining chic and fashionable. You can also choose from numerous styles, including silk, crochet, sheer, opaque, open or belted.

4. Maxi Dress

If you’re planning to leave your pool party and head to a party on the town, a maxi dress is your best bet. They cover you from head to toe and can be worn with flat sandals or heels, depending on how casual you want to go. They also come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics, so you can find a dress to fit your individual style.

5. Jumpsuit

If you’d like a more casual look, try wearing a jumpsuit or a romper. These one-piece items slip on easily and have an elastic waist to show off your figure. Some pieces have pant legs while others are worn as shorts, and many styles even have pockets!

No matter what style swimwear or swimsuit cover-up you want, Dainty Hooligan has the latest trends for you to choose from. We offer a wide variety of swimsuits and cover-ups to help you make a fashion statement on land —or on the water. Browse our selection today!

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