7 Must-Have Summer Accessories

July 21, 2015

Summer outfits aren’t complete without the right accessories to make them pop. From colorful sunglasses to flowing scarves and eye-catching necklaces, there are plenty of summer fashion accessories that will make your ensemble stand out. Look for these 7 must-have items to take your outfit to the next level:

1. Bright shoes
Whether you have plans to visit the mall or lay on the beach, shoes and sandals make a great summer fashion accessory. Try not to go completely matchy-matchy with your shoes, though. A bright, contrasting color can make your outfit look fun and spontaneous. Floral prints on sandals are also a popular trend!

2. A carry-it-all handbag
Summer is for lazy days, but it can feel so busy when you’re going from a friend’s bonfire to a cookout and a dip in the pool. Make sure you have everything you need for your next summer adventure with a stylish tote or hobo bag. Keep your sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses and lip gloss accessible at all times with a carry-it-all, summer handbag.

3. A casual hat

Hats aren’t just for the beach. A floppy hat or stylish flower headband are summer hair accessories that reflect your easygoing nature and show that you’re up for anything. Try incorporating different hair styles – whether it’s a braid, updo or beach waves – with each style of hat.

4. Look-at-me-now sunglasses
Keep your eyes healthy and happy with a touch of style, thanks to gorgeous sunglasses. Try to get frames that complement your face shape, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different sunglass styles with your various summer outfits.

5. A belt for your sundress
A classic sundress can go from day to night with the simple addition of a belt. Choose a wide belt for the skinniest part of your waist to help accentuate your curves. Getting belts in various colors and styles also means your summer fashion accessories can be as diverse your outfits. Need to make a loose cardigan look more fitting? Artfully twist a skinny belt a few inches under your bust to change the look.

6. A breezy summer scarf
A fashion scarf isn’t just for fighting away the winter chill. Use a scarf in the summer to make an outfit pop or add dimension to your entire look. Scarves can also double as a way to keep warm if you’re slipping in and out between air-conditioned adventures.

7. A bold, statement necklace

A statement necklace can be a life-changing summer fashion accessory. From long, bohemian strands of beads to more elegant pieces, you have a variety of options to match your vibe. Necklaces also make it possible to go from a casual to formal event without changing your entire outfit. Simply choose a necklace that best fits with each setting.


No matter where summer takes you, stay fresh and stylish with these must-have summer fashion accessories.

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