4 Beach-Worthy Hairstyles That Make Life Simple and Stylish

July 27, 2015

4 Beach-Worthy Hairstyles That Make Life Simple and Stylish

You’ve got your sunscreen, a juicy magazine and your favorite sunglasses, but what about your flowing mane? Beach-worthy hairstyles are easy to achieve, no matter your hair texture, personal style or the amount of time you have to commit. After all, who wants to spend hours in the bathroom when the water is glistening?

1. Try the messy low bun.
Imagine sitting back in your favorite beach chair with a good book in hand. While you page through your novel, the sun reflects off your floppy beach hat, neatly protecting the messy low bun nestled underneath.
This style is easy to get with just a few simple tricks that will have you out of the house and on the sand in no time. Bend over and toss your hair over your shoulders, letting the strands hang toward the ground. Make sure your hair is dry. Spritz it with texturizing spray and scrunch your hair at the roots. Flip your hair back over and pull the strands back into a bun at the base of your neck.

2. Go for sexy beach waves.

No summer weekend is complete without beach waves on your list of cute beach hairstyles. Sexy beach waves give you a carefree, romantic look without taking a lot of time to style. And spending time in the salty air and water can actually help you get the look!
To start, go to bed with wet hair the night before your beach trip. Before hitting the pillow, run some leave-in conditioner in your hair along with a small dollop of volume-adding mouse. Scrunch the product through your hair and weave it into loose braids. Wake up the next morning, loosen your dry braids and you’ve got a beach style that will last all day. Pull on a floppy hat and head out the door!

3. Do the half-up do.

Get those windy strands out of your eyes with a cute beach hairstyle: the half-up do. Rub some texturizing gel in the palm of your hands and run it through your damp hair. Blow dry on low with a diffuser to get a messy, beach-worthy look. Pull half of your hair back and tie it in a knot at the bottom of your scalp. Now your hair can blow in the breeze but not in your face.

4. Top it with flowers

Hairstyles for the beach are all about expressing your feminine side with the right accessories. Instead of throwing your hair into a ponytail, try using a stylish hair accessory to bring your look together. Floral headbands are a great way to carry the beauty of the fields to your ocean oasis.This beach-worthy hairstyle looks especially cute with braids. Try French braids or a single, thick braid down the center of your back. Top the crown of your head with a floral headband and get ready for some beach volleyball. This look is chic, feminine and playful, and it’s a great look for anyone spending a day at the beach.

Your beach day should be carefree, refreshing and fun — shouldn’t your hair be the same way? Before you head on your next trip, perfect some of these looks so you and your locks can enjoy a day in the sun!

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