Back-to-School Basics

September 08, 2015

It’s that time of year again when everyone is buzzing with anticipation for back to school. For young women who have graduated from high school and are entering their college years, it’s a time to consider buying many back-to-school basics, including an updated wardrobe that won’t cost a bundle! While it can be tempting to head to a local big box retailer to pick and choose apparel, it’s not always the best way to get distinctive clothes for back to school even if you’re on a budget. Online shopping can often provide affordable, unique choices, so you won’t have to wear the same new skirt as the rest of your classmates on the first day.

To start shopping for the best back-to-school staple items, start with some of these:


Are your shoes getting tired and dated? It happens every season! Instead of trying to get by with shoes that are woefully worn out, invest in some great footwear for this school year — including booties, sneakers and flats. Don’t forget to look now for great deals on last-season’s sandals and other shoes you can wear for spring break.


The dress has come back as an everyday item, so it’s important to have enough dresses in your closet. Wear one to class, another to hang out with friends and a third for a date night. The most well-rounded wardrobes include dresses in numerous lengths and made from a variety of fabrics. Don’t forget to choose a few dresses in your favorite colors, too!

The Right Tops

How many times have you wanted to find a perfect top to go with your coziest pair of skinny jeans? Being able to select the top that fits your mood – as well as the season – is critical. Stock up on a mix of solid and printed tops, so you’ll have a look for every mood that strikes.


One of the coolest things about accessories is that they can drastically change the look of any outfit. A necklace, pair or earrings, scarf or hat can brighten up a little black dress, or turn a basic top with pants into an enviable night-on-the-town ensemble. Accessories come in all shapes, hues, textures and sizes, and they don’t take up much room if you have limited drawer space.

Rompers and Jumpsuits

For many, this wardrobe staple is the best of all worlds: rompers and jumpsuits. Not only are they some of the hottest fashion pieces out there, but they can also be used throughout the seasons. If it’s warm outside, a little romper is a fantastic one-piece — if it’s a little cooler or you’re going to be in air-conditioning, a longer jumpsuit is the ideal solution. Plus, they can be worn with all kinds of funky, fun and wonderful shoes styles.

Why wait until the last minute to look for clothes for back to school? Shop online now at, and get your favorite clothes before it’s time to hit the books!

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