How to Make Pink Bold and Cute

October 06, 2015

How to Make Pink Bold and Cute

Pink often gets a bit of a bad rap because it’s usually associated with children or young girls. But pink can be a classy, feminine shade if you know how to make it both bold AND cute! In fact, some of the hottest styles of clothing and accessories show that pink is a force to be reckoned with, and a color to be embraced by fashionistas who want to be daring, delightful and girly.

Bold Color Dresses

When it comes to bold, there’s nothing quite like a magenta maxi dress with lots of lacy additions. Not only does it cling to the body in all the right places, but it’ll leave you feeling like a gorgeous princess. It’s a stylish and elegant way to wear a deeper shade of pink for upscale events like weddings, dances or homecoming celebrations.


Want a dash of bright coral without wearing an entire pink outfit? Necklaces with pink stones can insert just the right pop of pink to any outfit. Not only do these types of necklaces look stunning when you add them to an already-multi-colored top, dress or jumpsuit, but you can also pair them with neutral shades like eggshell, onyx and chocolate. Remember that necklaces come in all lengths, too, so add several pieces to your jewelry box so you always have a go-to necklace.

Dresses in Mature Cuts and Styles

Baby pink takes on a whole new meaning in a skinny dress with spaghetti straps. Suddenly, the hue becomes softer and more adult — it’s also ladylike and might even bring out the gentleman in any date. Sweet and sultry, the stretchy design of a light pink dress that hugs the body and falls just above the knees is eye-catching to the core.

Pink Shoes

Hot pink just got hotter with dyed faux snakeskin strappy heels! Best of all, they’ll go perfectly with any outfit. Wear them with your favorite pair of dark-washed low-rise jeans, or with a night-on-the-town black mini dress. There are no hard and fast style rules when it comes to hot pink shoes – make up your own as you go along, and you’ll be one of the most edgy girls in the room!

The next time someone says pink doesn’t belong in a young woman’s wardrobe, feel free to add your own two cents. Who knows? You might just be wearing something pink when you assert yourself and can share the beautiful palette of pinks that’s available to the modern fashionista.

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