DIY: Halloween Makeup

October 03, 2016

It's officially October so that means we're getting ready for Halloween. Want to look amazing this year and have the best costume? Copy these amazing DIY make up looks to stand out wherever you go! 

Mystic Mermaid

Shimmer all night with this look! Accentuate your eyes with blue and purple eye shadows and create glistening scales on your face with a pair of fishnet stockings by dusting along the openings with blue, green, and purple eye shadows.

Doe Deer

Your friends will fawn over this adorably chic makeup look that involves antler-inspired eyelashes and contoured brown cheeks. Also use eyeliner and white eyeshadow to really accentuate those doe eyes!

Out of this World 

This galaxy inspired makeup is easy to copy! Just draw random patches of blue, purple and pink then smudge them together and dot all over with white eyeliner! Add some blue glitter and pink shimmery lips for an extra sparkle!

Kitty Cat

Take the basic cat look to a new level! Line the eyes with black gel liner, and use liquid liner to perfect lines. Then line the top lip with black eyeliner, and draw a line to connect the lips to the cat nose with whiskers on each side.


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