About Us

Dainty Hooligan started out in Tulsa, Oklahoma by founder, Jessica Button in 2008. Without any financial help or financing, the company started out as a hobby & passion to help women feel their best in their skin wearing well curated outfits from head to toe. That store opened up so many doors, that the company had a bright future.

Graduate from Cal State Fullerton, Jessica received a degree in psychology & pursued real estate, getting her Oklahoma & California real estate license in 2005 

Once the economy & recession took place, it was time for a change and pursue the ideals in fashion. With the encouragement & help from her mom, Dainty Hooligan began. Two years into the business, Jessica’s mother passed away unexpectedly from cancer at age 44. 

Juggling a new business alongside taking care of her younger siblings, amazing things started to bud within the company. Influential employees, out of the blue business partnerships, Dainty Hooligan started to gain traction & quick popularity on social media platforms in a short period of time. By end of 2010, www.DaintyHooligan.com was launched while opening & operating three brick & mortar stores. 

“The success couldn’t have happened without my mother. It’s like I sense her presence & influence with every open door the business has had.”

“If only I can write a book in detail of all the circumstance & happenstance, it’s almost unbelievable. I will say that through everything, the ups & downs of being an entrepreneur, you have to be tough & never give up no matter what. Always remember the reason why you started & make sure you take care of yourself, and all the other things will take care of themselves.”

Now with a flourishing online shopping presence, Dainty Hooligan is currently operating in four locations looking to rapidly expand in other territories. Don’t be shy, always feel free to reach out & suggest the next best city! Customercare@daintyhooligan.com is always open to suggestions! If you took the time to read this, we want to say thank you & we are here to help you always feel great, expressing yourself with style!


Dainty Hooligan